Monsoon Climate

Actually you can go to this paradise throughout the whole year, temperature is around 30 degrees all year! Due to the mountains there is much less rain in the north than in the south of Bali during rainy season.

Bali has a tropical monsoon climate. The island is situated close to the equator, which means it is always warm and that there are only 2 seasons: a dry and a rainy season. The average daytime temperature is 28° C, at night the average is 22° C. Also temperature of the sea water, around 28° C, is quite constant throughout the year. The ‘dry’ season is from April until November.

The rainy season is characterized by short, abundant rainfall during the months of November through April (the monsoon). However, also during ‘dry’ months every now and then there will be a tropical downpour, but these are often short and heavy and the sun will shine exuberantly again afterwards. Like anywhere in the tropics most showers are either in the late afternoon or evening. The mornings are generally clear and sunny.

Due to the high humidity, the weather is often quite sultry. Most of the times the weather in the higher altitudes is cooler. Along the shore there is often a nice breeze, which makes the beach a pleasant place to stay.