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If you want to indulge in yoga or meditation, you are at the right place in Villa Bayu. Nice pink bougainvillea, fragrant jasmine, swaying palm trees, lush banana trees and tall bamboo plumes dance in the wind. Everywhere you will find shade where you can meditate in peace. In the cool morning, when you end your sun salutations with a dip in the pool, you will find yourself with full energy. At this place you will come to balance. Nature, nutrition and rest will help.

Do you like a yoga class in Villa Bayu or in an open yoga studio with seaview? Our staff will be pleased to make an appointment for you.

The most important and most visible religious activity in Bali is making offerings. While staying at the villa you will often see our staff doing this. The offering baskets are offered to the ancestors, the gods, the spirits, the plants and animals.

Around the villa spirituality is visible everywhere. On our estate there are two temples where our staff brings the daily offerings. A Hindu priest blessed both temples. That moment, surrounded by holy relics, sacrifices and pots full of burning incense, he repeats long mantras while his left hand plays a brass bell. The atmosphere is intense calm. The balance between passion and tranquillity is typical Bali.

Balinese people do not judge the reality from the concepts of “good” and “evil”, but talk about lower and higher powers. Balinese spirituality is all about three types of balance. Balance between man and man. Balance between man and the world. And balance between man and the gods. During the many Balinese dances this is reflected. For a small fee gamelan musicians and dancers will come and perform in Villa Bayu.

If you like to attend a ceremony please ask our staff. Most of the time there will be a ceremony somewhere in the vicinity. You will see musicians and children with flags, followed by women with offerings and young men in their most beautiful sarongs. Nobody wants to miss a moment of the ceremony. There is gamelan music with dancing, while a priest repeats his mantras.

The ceremony will be a lasting memory of an impressive holiday!